Academic Grants

National Science Foundation (NSF I-Coprs)

Association: Team Lead, NSF I-Corps Regional Team
Project Title: AI & AR for addressing Social Interventions
Duration: (2022 – Present)


The Interactive Augmented Reality (AR) game is developed for the patients with social intervention and monitoring the motion through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assisted Toolkit. Augmented Reality methods are fascinating. The research aims to provide an engaging experience to the patients with social intervention. In addition, we provided a game for the patients to play. During this game, repetitive movements are measured and monitored through the AI-Assisted Toolkit and the results are derived in terms of Horizontal Velocity, Vertical Velocity, Angle, Acceleration, Speed, and Angular Velocity. The derived experimental results can assist the therapist/physician in assisting the patients with social intervention to get appropriate therapy, as well as the AR Experience, which can assist the patients to get out of the repetitive motion behavior.

GUJCOST – GSA Outreach Grant

Association: Editor, Gujarat Science Academy Newsletter
Project Title: Capacity building in STI in remote areas of Gujarat.
Duration: (2021 – Present)

The GUJCOST- GSA Outreach Grant aims toward the outreach of Science and Technology through Newsletters in remote areas of Gujarat. The significance of science and technology is recognized not only within urban areas, but they have gained prominence in rural communities as well. The contributions of these fields have been recognized in bringing about improvements and changes in all the areas, like, education, sustainable management, agriculture, farming practices, plantations, industrialization, conservation and preservation of natural resources, etc. The knowledge and awareness of technologies, help to carry out their functions in a more manageable way and enhance efficiency and productivity. The implementation of science and technology renders an important contribution to enhancing the livelihood opportunities of rural communities. This newsletter has been well received by the scientific community of Gujarat. The newsletter aims to create awareness about science and technology developments by having popular articles, news items on STI, articles by students from all over Gujarat, information on career building for students, information on new books, book reviews, discussion on policy issues, a celebration of new science/education paradigms in Gujarat, new research projects, thesis awarded, institutional appraisals, blogs, and discussion forum, etc.